• art student scholarships at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University are funded by the Foundation and awarded based on financial need and creative excellence
  • the fostering of exceptional physicians whose patient care skills and medical competence are enhanced by selected medical humanities initiatives which the Foundation funds in Nova Scotia
  • innovative community initiatives on wellness, cancer therapy and palliative care to enhance quality of life
  • selected artist exhibitions of Nova Scotia visual artists
  • new programs we are designing and supporting to turn idealism into action for inspired community engagement
  • and more . . .

Your help would be most appreciated for our important work in Nova Scotia.

We welcome financial donations to the Robert Pope Foundation to allow us to continue our mission.

All donations receive a tax receipt.

Robert Pope, Holding Hands

Robert Pope, Holding Hands

Donations to the Robert Pope Foundation can be made online at

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The Robert Pope Foundation
Mr. Doug Pope
PO Box 489
Hantsport, Nova Scotia