Each year the foundation supports a number of community projects related to our Mission Statement which is found on the Foundation’s Home Page. We support grants up to a budget of $10,000, depending on the scope of the project and its alignment with our mission statement.

Project proposals are welcomed. We are not able to fund all submitted proposals but appreciate community interest in the work of the Foundation.  Although we annually fund a number of project proposals, much of the Robert Pope Foundation’s granting monies are devoted to Foundation initiated projects.

Grant applications must be submitted as a pdf and include information in the following order:

  •       Submission date – month and year
  •       Applicant Name (and organization if applicable)
  •       Applicant contact information (email, address, phone)
  •       Project title
  •       Project summary: a brief project summary with total funding requested (maximum 200 words)
  •       Project Background Details & Organization Profile (maximum 800 words)
  •       Detailed project budget (one page maximum)
  •       Concise applicant bio  (300 words or less)
  •       Any photos should be included in an attached appendix

Applications must be submitted as a PDF that includes a cover letter and restricted in length to five pages or less with font size no smaller than 11 point.

Projects not considered for funding include operating, equipment and capital costs of institutions/organizations, grants to government and their agencies, fundraising appeals and academic research studies.

Proposal deadline: September 15, annually. Notification on project proposals will be given by October 10th.  All successful grant applicants are required to submit a final report on their project detailing how the project objectives were met and their impact.

Email proposal submissions to: