About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Through art, education and community health initiatives, we seek to promote wholeness at every stage of living.

Specifically, the objectives of the Robert Pope Foundation in Nova Scotia are:

  • To increase awareness of Robert Pope’s art to enhance understanding of the cancer experience from the patient’s perspective and the need for whole person care.
  • To encourage fine art studies and practice through strategic community initiatives.
  • To encourage medical humanities studies and activities through strategic community initiatives.
  • To encourage innovative community projects in wellness, cancer therapy and palliative care to enhance quality of life.
  • To produce publications, videos and exhibitions with an emphasis on art, health and well-being.

Members of the Robert Pope Foundation’s Board of Directors are:

Doug Pope, President
Alex Livingston, Vice President
Kathleen Rosborough, Treasurer
Karen Smith, Secretary
Deborah Carver
Margaret Casey
Tom Forrestall
Joy Laking
Curtis MacDonald
Alan MacLean
Heather MacLeod
Olga Milosevich
Juanita Peters
Jim Wyatt

Honorary Members and Founders of the Robert Pope Foundation:

Rev. Bill Pope and Mrs. Isabel Pope

Mr. William Pope, Recipient of the Order of Nova Scotia, Publisher, Philanthropist, Minister.

Mrs. Isabel Pope, Philanthropist, Co-Publisher, Lancelot Press, Hantsport, Nova Scotia.

Before their retirement, the Popes published over 500 books at Lancelot Press over a 25 year period.